The cancellation of a contract usually occurs because of a violation of workers ‘ rights or some other, largely unpleasant reason. The Employment contract can be cancelled by employers and workers, and read below How to terminate/terminate the employment contract.

How Can Employee Cancel a Contract Of Employment?

Employees who resign are much freer than the employer. In the event that the worker cancels the contract of employment, he must do so with the decision on termination of the contract. Depending on the type of cancellation of the contract, there is a cancellation deadline.

Cancellation period of the contract

The cancellation period of the contract is governed by the Labour Act, but is not the only source of Labour law. So, it is possible to regulate the rights and obligations of workers differently by collective agreements, labour regulations or employment contracts . Therefore, the worker should read the contract signed by the Employer and act in the manner in which he arranged it.

According to the law, more favourable regulations are always applied to workers, but many workers in Croatia have different experience. The duration of the cancellation period is based on the duration of the employment relationship with the same employer. The shortest duration of the cancellation period is two weeks in case the employee has been in employment with the same employer continuously for less than one year and the longest period of cancellation is three months, if the worker is in employment with the same employer continuously for twenty years.

How can an employer cancel a contract of employment?

If the employer cancels a contract of employment for certain reasons, it is desirable to first seek professional help from the person who represents the interests of the company and thus learns how and under what conditions the termination of the contract should be made.

When terminating a contract of employment, care should be taken to ensure that the worker has used the statutory vacation days before the termination of the contract, whether he or she is entitled to a severance package, whether the worker has been paid the remaining net salary, etc.

Not sure how to cancel a working contract?

To protect the interests of our clients, the company Đina Usluge D.O.O. in cooperation with the law firm which in turn represents our interests, keep an eye on all the details in such and similar cases. In consultation with the law firm we provide you with the right information how to cancel the contract, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

If you are not a client of our bookkeeping, we advise consulting your lawyer to avoid inconvenience.

After the correct decision to terminate the contract, the employer must submit the decision to the worker himself or the recommended consignment, and only after that the worker can be checked out from HZMO. The worker then Receives an EM-2p stationery with which he must report within 30 days to HZZO to seek rights for unemployed persons.