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The company Đina usluge d.o.o., provides bookkeeping services to clients in the Zagreb area, but also in other cities, which allows us online bookkeeping. Bookkeeping has been our main activity for 30 years and it is this experience that guarantees quality bookkeeping and changes in your business.

Our bookkeeping services are tailored to your needs. If you're just opening a business and don't know your way around regulations and laws, get help with bookkeeping. Even if you are an established entrepreneur and want to do business with better results, our bookkeeping services are the right solution for you.

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Online bookkeeping


Online bookkeeping has several positive effects on business. It saves time in keeping business books and provides a more clear and simpler business. Today, IT connectivity allows you to directly send invoices to bookkeeping for posting or generating reports on debts and receivables. With online bookkeeping, your company's business is simpler, more accessible and more transparent.

  • Online bookkeeping means speed in bookkeeping.

  • It allows you to view your company's business at any time.

  • Easily download reports and other documents.

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What is the difference between accounting and bookkeeping?

Accounting and bookkeeping are not distinguished by many people but think that these are only two names for one thing, but it is not so. Accounting implies the description, measurement and interpretation of the economic activities of a business entity and is the most important part for making business decisions.

Bookkeeping is a phase within the accounting system, and the main task of bookkeeping is to collect and classify documentation on the resulting business events, their records in business books and the reporting of the resulting changes.

Bookkeeping is a system that monitors economic processes on the basis of authentic documents and records in the business books changes in assets, capital, liabilities, income, expenses and financial results of operations.

Bookkeeping for small and medium-sized enterprises

Bookkeeping services are required for all entrepreneurs, regardless of the size of the business entity, and the main tasks are:

  • Collection of business change data, i.e. authentic bookkeeping documents
  • Tracking resulting business changes in business books. (Resulting changes in assets, capital, liabilities, income, expenses, etc.)
  • Determination of business results by monitoring the total business of entrepreneurs
  • Providing insights into business processes and financial flows as a basis for management and decision-making

Calculation of salaries and other income

In addition to the above tasks, bookkeeping is accompanied by legal changes and performs tasks related to the calculation of salaries and fees, which includes:

Tax returns and reports

Bookkeeping takes care of the reporting obligations of the tax administration arising from the law on accounting, income tax, income, etc.. These include the following jobs:

  • Compiling monthly and annual reports on employees' salaries and other income
  • Vat and tax return calculation
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and annual income tax returns