Founding a company in Croatia for foreign citizens we explained in the blogpost “establishment of a company for foreigners in Croatia | Residence and work permit“. We described the process of establishing a company for foreigners, which forms of company you can establish, what is the amount of the equity for D.O.O. and J.D.O.O., who can represent the company founded by the Foreigner and what is all necessary to obtain a licence to work and stay in Croatia.

Because of the great interest of foreigners to establish a company in Croatia, we added another service in addition to bookkeeping and other services we offer. From now on, you can request our assistance in opening a company and carelessly start the work of a newly established company.

This service is intended for foreign citizens who want to establish a company in Croatia. We adapt the services to the needs of the client in order to achieve the desired goal as soon as possible – establishing a company in Croatia!

Get Help With Establishing a Company In Croatia

If you ask for help in establishing a company , we need a power of attorney to do the job for you. But, first of all, it is necessary to hold a meeting and introduce us to your project and needs.

Assistance, i.e. service of established company includes:

  • Checking the availability of the company name
  • Preparing the documents for company registration
    • Drafting a social contract or a declaration of incorporation
    • Registration in the Court register
  • Opening a business account in the selected bank
  • Classification of activities by NKD
  • Registration of a new company in the registry of taxpayers
  • Registration of the company to the Employment service
  • Employees Registration
  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Company headquarters Address

Check Your Company Name Availability

First we have to check if your desired company name is available. If you wish to do it by yourself, you can do that on this web site

Preparing Documents for Company Registration

Preparing documents for registration of the company comprises the drafting of a social contract with a notary or a statement of incorporation of the company in the case of one founder. The total cost of drafting a statement or contract for D.O.O. is about 2500 HRK.

After certification of documents with notaries, payment of court fees, payment of advertisements in national newspapers and payment of equity, notaries send documents to the Commercial court for the registration of a new company in the Court register.
The company will be registered within 15 days. After registering the company The State Statistical Office will issue a notice of the classification of the business entity according to the NKD.

Company Headquarters Address | Rent a Business Address

For foreign clients who request an assistance in opening a company, we have ensured an Address which they can use to register a company, or have a residence for them or their employees.

The Price of Renting a Business Address for Registering a Company and Residence

Package 1

3 500,00HRK+ PDV / monthly
  • Business Address Rental
  • Registration of stay up to 5 employees

Package 2

4 500,00 HRK+ PDV / monthly
  • Business Address Rental
  • Registration of stay up to 10 employees

Package 3

6 500,00HRK+ PDV / monthly
  • Business Address Rental
  • Registration of stay up to 20 employees

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